Delusions of Gender – Cordelia Fine

n Delusions of Gender the psychologist Cordelia Fine spends a lot of time discussing the topic of foetal testosterone, exposes the bad science and reveals how unconscious gender bias influences people’s behaviour. Her initial motivation, she says in an interview in the American Scientist, was “simply to alert people to the fact that old-fashioned stereotypes are being dressed up in neuroscientific finery, and to remind people not to be so enthralled with brain imaging that they forget the importance of social factors.”

She discusses research into hormonally-driven “hard-wiring” of gendered interests, behaviours and aptitudes, aka neurosexism. She is also funny!

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In the Beginning, Woman Was the Sun

So, begins the opening manifesto to the journal Seitō, (Bluestocking) founded in 1911, in Japan, the last year of the Meiji period by a group of young women interesting in creating a forum for female self-expression. The author of the manifesto and editor of the journal was Hiratsuka Raichō, born Haru Hiratsuka (1866-1971). She is considered to be the leader of the women’s movement in Japan.

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