Myths and dragons in Ljubljana

SAMSUNG DIGITAL MOVIEIt was the Greek historian Zosimos that first made the connection between Ljubljana (Emona in the old days) and the Argonauts. After stealing the golden fleece of a ram from King Aeetes, Jason and his Argonauts fled from Colchis, but instead of finding an outlet to the Aegean sea, Argo accidentally sailed into the Danude and not being able to turn back, the Argonauts continued to sail on the Danude and onward to the Sava River. Finally they entered into the Ljubljanica River, where a violent storm threatened to crash Argo against the cliffs in Veliki Močilnik. But the brave Jason struck his strong fist against a vertical wall and managed to anchor the ship. The track of his fist can clearly be seen in the rock above Velika Ljubljanica.

The dolls in the river

As if that was not enough, they came across a terrible fire-breathing dragon that lived in a marsh near Ljubljanica. A fierce battle took place at the end of which the fearless Jason slew the terrible monster. To this day, the dragon is standing proudly on the castle tower in Ljublana’s coat of arms.


The Triple Bridge. Jože Plečnik designed it in 1932. His work had a great impact on the identity of the city of Ljubljana.


Under the stern look of Tito at Brdo Park. Brdo Castle (Grad Brdo), a Renaissaince castle, built in 1510 by the Governor General of the Austrian Province of Gorizia and after passing through the hands of numerous owners, became one of the official residences of Josip Broz Tito. Today is used for official functions.