New York’s magazine climate story the most-read article in magazine’s history

The New York Magazine published the annotated edition of its controversial climate story and it is now the most-read article in New York’s magazine history, despite some imprecise science which has been discussed and analysed extensively here .

The fact that so many people have read the 7,000-word story, gives me some hope that we can engage large audience on climate. People want to learn and despite the bleak picture by overstating some of the science it is clear that ongoing warming of the global climate would eventually have very severe consequences.

The climate journalists have an important role to play in fighting climate change. By raising awareness, by informing and educating, by making the public part of the story.  I hope they will continue to try to find and publish the stories, all these weird things – mega storms, heat waves, droughts, floods – that climate change could cause and make the world more dangerous.