No Is Not Enough by Naomi Klein

I have stopped following Donald Trump. And I don’t mean his twitter account, I never became a follower and I never cared to read the hateful, nonsensical 140 characters of a little angry man. What I mean is that I have stopped watching his news conferences, speeches or interviews, or listening to him on the radio. It is not that I don’t care about his presidency, I really care, in fact I think it impacts everyone on Earth.

It is because I discovered that as I watched Trump, I was becoming more and more sick to my stomach. This man literally makes me physically ill. He personifies everything I despise, misogynism, racism, sexism, extreme nationalism, anti-globalization, xenophobia, viciousness, war on climate change and disrespect for the truth and the rule of law. He makes me want to shout, NO! No to Trump and everything he and his clique represent.

In her book, No Is Not Enough: Defeating the New Shock Politics, Naomi Klein says that No is not enough.

Naomi Klein wrote this book very quickly, in just five months, because she wanted to come out before any major crisis hits the United States, although Trump himself and his administration can really be considered as a major crisis. In No its not enough, Klein summarises her previous works, No Logo, and The Shock Doctrine, to explain how Trump exploited the conventions of reality TV, along with his personal brand, to become the president of the United States. Trump is not a leader, he is a promoter and protector of a brand at America’s expense.

As disastrous as the Trump policies are so far, the worst is yet to come, says Naomi Klein. He and the people around him are very open of what they want to do, in terms of human rights, immigration, crime, health, and climate change. We have already seen Trump’s respond to the London and Manchester attacks. We need to get ready for shock politics, argues Klein.

No It Is Not Enough, was marketed as a blueprint for resistance. I think it is much more. It is a call for a progressive alliance, a call for collaboration and cooperation against, not a person (Trump), but a system (Trumpism). I was particularly intrigued by Canada’s Leap Movement, the values, positiveness, inclusiveness, diversity, and the hope it brings.

Despite the writing rush and the repetition of some of the themes, it is an excellent and useful book.