If you lived through the 70’s and you like sci-fi and superheroes, you will love this illustration by the artist Dusty Abell. My love with superheros and sci-fi started somewhere there, late 70’s, when I was a student in high school.
As a girl (then) in Greece, it wasn’t very common to be a superhero comics fun. Girls, in the late 70s- early 80s used to read a kind of horrible “girly” magazines. For some reason that I still cannot comprehend i never touched one of them.

The girlfriends thought that I had a boy inside me!!! As for the boys, they stared at me and, I am sure, they were thinking…… “What’s wrong with her?” As a result……. to have a boyfriend wasn’t an easy task….

I suppose, my rebellious and geeky side developed back then.

My collection of comics still lives in a box in somewhere in Athens. I still love these superheroes.
My favourite? The Wonder Woman, of cource. 🙂

Image Credit: http://dusty-abell.deviantart.com