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Sci-fi and superheroes of the '70s – From a different perspective

If you lived through the 70’s and you like sci-fi and superheroes, you will love this illustration by the artist Dusty Abell. My love with superheros and sci-fi started somewhere there, late 70’s, when I was a student in high school.
As a girl (then) in Greece, it wasn’t very common to be a superhero comics fun. Girls, in the late 70s- early 80s used to read a kind of horrible “girly” magazines. For some reason that I still cannot comprehend i never touched one of them.

The girlfriends thought that I had a boy inside me!!! As for the boys, they stared at me and, I am sure, they were thinking…… “What’s wrong with her?” As a result……. to have a boyfriend wasn’t an easy task….

I suppose, my rebellious and geeky side developed back then.

My collection of comics still lives in a box in somewhere in Athens. I still love these superheroes.
My favourite? The Wonder Woman, of cource. 🙂

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Anselm Kieifer’s “Hortus Philosophorum” in Rome

The Rome branch of the Gagosian Gallery is presenting the new work of the German painter and sculptor Anselm Keifer. The exhibit is titled “Hortus Philosophorum”

For the oval Gagosian gallery, Kiefer has created a group of eight sculptures that evoke some of the central themes in his work deriving from his assiduous study of poetry, mythology, and cultural history. Each of the sculptures incorporates irregular stacks of massive books made from lead. Among them is Danae (2008) Books of Lead, gold granules and aluminum sunflowers. (53 1/4 x 63 x 149 1/2 inches)

This is Naglfar (1998). It was for this sculpture, that i discovered Kiefer. Books and Art! Just beautiful?According to Tim Teeman Arts and Entertainment Editor in the Times , Anselm Kieifer

is a deep, deep thinker, whose intellectual preoccupations — religion, belief, philosophy, the essence of life and how society is organised — are channelled into his multilayered paintings and sculptures.This overtly serious work comes with scrawled quotes from Paul Celan, Isaiah and Aeschylus. Kiefer references classical literature including the fall of Troy, Norse myths, Goethe, Wagnerian opera and German history. His works are made from a range of materials: glass, straw, wood, oil, soil, paint, a typical canvas containing a combination of the above.

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