The Invisible Orientation: An Introduction to Asexuality by Julie Sondra Decker

There are literally no non-fiction books for general audience on the subject of asexuality, it’s kinda a newer thing as far as books and such go.  Asexuality isn’t well known and it’s often confused with similar or less similar concepts, such as abstinence.  Asexuality is not celibacy – the refusal to act on attraction. It is not synonymous with a pathological state, it is not sickness, it is not a decision to become abstinent.

Asexual is “someone who does not experience sexual attraction.” It does not mean that this person cannot have sex, it means that he or she is not interested in sex or doesn’t enjoy sex. “Asexuality is a sexual orientation because it describes a person’s pattern of attraction (to no one).”

The Invisible Orientation is not a book only for the people who identify as asexuals, but also for laypersons who do not realise how often their criticisms, arguments and inappropriate comments hurt the asexual community, as well as professionals looking to help their asexual clients. It is an Asexuality 101 book, a starting point of understanding the concept and definition of asexuality.

Julie Sondra Decker, has published a variety of articles on the subject of asexuality. The book has a few personal bits, a few pages in the introduction of how she came to identify as asexual, but the rest of the book is general. The author discusses asexuality from a sexual orientation point of view and gives voice to asexual people of colour, asexual people of various gender identities, asexual people of many different romantic orientations.

It is a great book, the writing is clear, friendly and precise, it is easy to read and search for specific information.  I loved the quotes highlighted in gray boxes throughout the book.