This is the story of a man’s life. The man is Gustavo Sanchez Sanchez, though people call him Highway. He lives in the outskirts of Mexico City in a town call Acatepec and he is the best auctioneer in the world. He is also a man with a mission, he wants to replace every last one of his teeth.

As Highway has nothing of value to sell, he decides instead to sell the stories of the objects he sell. Incredible, fabulous, quirky stories that increase the value of the things he sells. He is doing that by hyperboles, allegories, and paraboles. It is an eccentric art and indeed Gustavo Sanchez Sanchez consider himself an artist.

The Story of my Teeth is a unique, buoyant, strange, smart and hugely entertaining book. Originally commissioned to be written for the workers in a Mexican beverage company that also holds one of the biggest art collections in Mexico, it a book full of surprises. It seems to me that it written to save the workers, or anyone else, from a life of boring repetition. art after all is about freedom and spontaneity, therefore life can get better because of the presence of art.