Just a short note about the book I just read, ‘At Home: A Short History of Private Life’  by Bill Bryson.

Despite the enormous amount of information, more than someone can actually process, this is a fascinating and enjoyable book. Bill Bryson did a prodigious amount of research on the history of nearly everything from architecture to epidemics and toilets to crinolines and wigs.

We discover that there is a lot of history, excitement, even danger in the rooms and the corners of our houses and the domestic life is certainly more spicy, interesting and complicated than we thought. Bill Bryson’s irresistible wit and humour makes it an entertaining reading.

By the way did you know that Thomas Jefferson, as well as being the author of the Declaration of Independence, was also the father of the American French fry.

And, that… rats have a lot of sex – up to twenty times a day and if a male rat can’t find a female, he will willingly – even happily – find relief in a male.